About Sandstrom & Associates

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Our Process


First, we get an understanding of your financial position, pension program, and current retirement plan. 


Second, we will calculate your years of service to show a projected percentage of income expected at retirement. 


Third, we will strategize the best plan to bridge the gap from the loss of income you may see during retirement. 


Finally, we will tailor your plan to produce the retirement income needed to retire comfortably and confidently. 

  1. CalSTRS/CalPERS

  2. Social Security 

  3. 403(b)/ TSA

  4. IRA's

  5. Lunch n' Learn/ Staff Presentations

  6. Retirement Planning

  7. Annuities/ Supplemental Savings

  8. Life Insurance

  9. Long Term Care

  10. 529 Plans/College Planning


Specializing In:


Sandstrom & Associates 

Making financial security and peace of mind our top priority.

Sandstrom And Associates is a California top full service agency. Representing multiple insurance companies to situate top quality financial and insurance services to making life easy. 

With over 30 years of accredited service, Sandstrom & Associates has positively impacted the lives of thousands while building lasting relationships. We exceed our reputation by delivering protection, growth, excellent support and results. 

After the stock market crash of 2008, our clients were grateful to have experienced no loss of princaple or interest through unmatched protection. 

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What We Do

We help people, businesses and institutions understand their pension program while building, preserving and managing wealth, retirement plans and life insurance so they can pursue their personal goals.