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Fixed Index Annuities offer the best of both worlds; protection of premium and potential for stock market-linked growth​ with no risk of loss of principal. 

403(b), 401k, IRA & Roth policies.

Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, everyone has a different situation. Coverage comes in multiple styles which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Term, Whole Life, & IUL coverage.

Lunch n' Learn/ Staff Presentation

Working with CalSTRS, CalPERS and Social Security members to help understand and maximize their state pension. Contact our office to speak at your next faculty meeting.

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150 + Service Ratings


Hodge Elementary School

-Victoria Velasquez

"It is a pleasure to work with Sandstrom & Associates. They make the pension easy to understand for myself and our staff. Thanks to S&A, my 403(b) has earned great interest and was protected through the crash of 2008. I give an A+ for knowledge and service."

Ret. Superintendent,

Garvey School District 

-Alex Yusem 

Educator, Mimi Yusem

"I have worked with Sandstrom & Associates for over 25 years. There is no agency I trust more with my 403(b) and IRA. Garvey School District is grateful for the informative Staff Presentations regarding the State Pension. S&A has helped me secure the retirement of my dreams! I highly recommend Sandstrom & Associates to host your District Faculty and Staff Pension Presentations as well."

Pilot Captain, 

Allegiant Airline

-Alessandro Cubi

"Sandstrom & Associates situated and manages my Life Insurance policy along with my IRA. The peace of mind provided is priceless and the assistance is top notch. It is great knowing my policies are in good hands."

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